Magnum, P.I. – Season 6, Episode 1 & 2 (1985)

John Hillerman as Higgins and Tom Selleck as Magnum stand in a bed of daffodils. Behind them is a medieval castle and a wide river. Both men are dressed in suits and are looking seriously at each other.

Tom Selleck and John Hillerman in Magnum P.I. “Déjà Vu” © Universal Television

Writer: Donald P. Bellisario, Glen A. Larson, Chris Abbott
Starring: Tom Selleck, John Hillerman, Peter Davison, Larry Manetti, Francesca Annis
Production Company:
Belisarius Productions, Glen A. Larson Productions, Universal Television
Kent Locations Used:
Leeds Castle

Magnum, P.I. (1980-1988) was an American crime drama series following Hawaii-based private investigator Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV, known as Magnum. Season 6, Episodes 1 & 2 “Déjà Vu” sees Magnum go to England to prepare Robin Masters’ new castle for a party. When St Clair, an old army buddy of his dies in suspicious circumstances, he finds himself embroiled in a murder case.

The series was written by Donald P. Bellisario (Quantum Leap, NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service), Glen A. Larson (Quincy M.E., Battlestar Galactica) and Chris Abbott (Legacy, The Bold and the Beautiful), and the “Déjà Vu” episodes star Tom Selleck (Blue Bloods, 3 Men and a Baby) as Magnum, John Hillerman (Chinatown, Blazing Saddles) as Higgins, Peter Davison (The Larkins (2021-2022), Doctor Who) as Ian MacKerras, Larry Manetti (Flying Misfits, JAG) as Orville ‘Rick’ Wright, and Francesca Annis (Flesh and Blood (2020), Dune) as Penelope St. Clair.

Leeds Castle features in both episodes as Robin Master’s new English castle.

Leeds Castle is a romantic castle with medieval-themed rooms, 1920s style interiors and original marble bathrooms on a large estate with gardens, moat, woodlands, a maze with shell grotto, and an aviary. Other productions to have filmed there include Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949), Lady Jane (1987) and Henry VIII (2003).

Magnum, P.I. aired between 1980 and 1988. Season 6 Episodes 1 & 2 “Déjà Vu” aired on Thursday 26th September 1985 and are available to watch on iTunes.

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