David Jason’s Secret Service (2017)

David Jason appears in a vintage car in front of a historic espionage building. David Jason's Secret Service, epiisode one- 5th December, Episode two- 12th December, Episode three- 19th December, 9pm on More 4 is written in white on top.

David Jason’s Secret Service – © More 4

Director: James Tovell

Starring: David Jason

Production Company: October Films

Kent locations Used: Folkestone

Sir David Jason presents this three-part documentary series which reveals the secret places, people and stories from Britain’s 20th Century spy history. Episode One explores the inception of the British Secret Service in 1909 by Sir Mansfield Cumming. In 1914, when the First World War broke out in Europe, this group of spies were crucial in securing Allied victories and Folkestone became the frontline for British spy organisations.

In June 2017, the production team filmed at various locations in Folkestone, including the clifftop promenade, The Leas.

The Leas boasts sea views to France and Folkestone itself is renowned for its Creative Quarter with many galleries, shops, relaxing bars and restaurants. Tourists can visit the Kent Battle of Britain Museum which pays homage to the aircrews that defended Britain during the Second World War or visit Folkestone Harbour to explore Kent’s maritime history.

The town has been used previously for filming by productions such as Who Should We Let In? Ian Hislop on the First Great Immigration Row (2017), not to mention the seaside episode for Darling Buds of May, starring Mr Jason himself (1991-1993).


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Walks With My Dog (2017)

Image of presenter kneeling down with his dog. Mountains and a river can be seen behind. Walks with my dog reads on the top

Walks With My Dog © More4

Production Company: True North

Kent Locations Used: Shepherd Neame Brewery at Faversham, The Old Lighthouse and Sound Mirrors at Dungeness

Walks with my Dog follows celebrities and their four-legged friends exploring Britain’s picturesque towns.

In episode one, Phil Spencer and his two dogs (Location, Location, Location) head to Faversham. On their journey the trio makes a pit stop at Shepherd Neame, Britain’s oldest brewery.

The Old Lighthouse and Sound Mirrors on Dungeness, will be featured in episode 5 on Thursday 6th April on More4 at 8pm.

Faversham is a beautiful historic market town in the Swale Borough of Kent. The historic town boasts over 500 listed buildings and the many restaurants, shops, attractions and beautiful walks the picturesque countryside has to offer. Faversham has been featured in various programmes including Channel 4 Drama Southcliffe (2013) and Great British Story: A People’s History (2012).

Dungeness is a unique expanse of shingle beach with many ramshackle huts as well as two light houses, a historic railway station, two pubs and artist galleries along with a nuclear power station. Previous projects that have filmed there include The Poison Tree (2012).

Walks with My Dog premieres Thursday 9th March on More4 at 9pm


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Penelope Keith’s Hidden Villages (2015)

Penelope Keith standing in a picturesque British village with the sea visable behind

Penelope Keiths Hidden Village © Reef Television Limited Channel 4

Production Company: Reef TV

Kent locations used: Upnor, Birchington, Biddenden and Tenterden.

Returning to More4 for a second series, Penelope Keith’s Hidden Villages explores quintessentially British villages to discover their hidden features and study rural traditions.

Actress Penelope Keith, best known from her roles in The Good Life (1975) and To The Manor Born (1979) uses travel guides which were published 80 years ago, to look at the locations from a different perspective and consider the effects urbanisation and tourism could have on their future.

In episode four, Penelope explores villages in Sussex and Kent and the production visited Upnor, Birchington, Biddenden and Tenterden between May and June 2015.

Upnor is a small picturesque village in Medway with many houses finished in Kentish weatherboard. The village is home to Upnor Castle and is backed by rolling, wooded hills. Previous productions that have filmed in the area include  Great Expectations (1989).

Birchington lies on the North Coast of Kent between Herne Bay and Margate and has a glorious beach, Minnis Bay. BBC Three drama The Things I Haven’t Told You (2008) has previously been filmed in the area.

Biddenden lies in the picturesque Weald of Kent countryside, has a cobbled high street with half-timbered medieval and Jacobean buildings and is the home of the famous Biddenden Cider. Nearby Tenterden has white-painted weatherboarding buildings and a market as well as quaint cafes and eateries. The area has been used as a film location for Mapp and Lucia (2014) and Last Passenger (2013).

You can catch the Kent and Sussex episode of Penelope Keith’s Hidden Villages on Tuesday 22nd September on More4 at 21:00.


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