Trapping (2023)

Louise Ede as Daz and Abra Cadabra as Magic stand against a black background, dusted with white powder. Daz is wearing a light blue tracksuit and Magic is wearing a black tracksuit with a large silver necklace. On the left-hand side of the image the word Trapping is written in white powder.

Trapping (2023) poster © Silver Streak Films

Director: Penny Woolcock
Starring: Louis Ede, Abra Cadabra, Rio Thake, Aaliyah Gohir,
Production Company:
Nicki SlimTing Films, Silver Streak Films
Kent Locations Used:
Margate, Ramsgate, Westgate-on-Sea, Dumpton Gap, Chatham

Trapping (2023) is a crime-drama following London teen Daz (Louis Ede) who is taken in by the perceived glamour of crime, but soon finds the reality couldn’t be more different.

Written and directed by Penny Woolcock (Exodus (2007), Ackley Bridge), with Dylan Duffus as co-writer, the film’s young cast includes Louis Ede as Daz, rapper Abra Cadabra as Magic, Rio Thake (Everything Now, Lake George) as Leo and Aaliya Gohir as Maryam.

Most of the film takes place in Margate, with filming taking place on the Dane Valley estate. 202 Dane Valley Road doubles for the drug den Daz is relocated to, the Premier corner store on Cowley Drive doubles for Sami’s the shop owned by Maryam’s dad, and Daz deals drugs from Dane Valley Road Park. St Peter’s Road and Tomlin Drive also feature throughout the film.

Other locations featured include Staner Court in Ramsgate, various roads in Westgate-on-Sea, Quested House which doubles for Leo’s house, Dumpton Gap beach and Western Esplanade in Broadstairs. In the film’s closing, Daz is relocated to Chatham, with filming taking place on New Road, Bryant Street and Prospect Row.

Margate is a seaside town complete with sandy beach, harbour, Dreamland retro amusement park, period housing and ultra-modern art gallery Turner Contemporary. Recent productions to have filmed in Margate include Things You Should Have Done (2024), Tyger (2024) and Dreamland (2023).

Ramsgate is a thriving seaside town with beautiful Victorian and Regency terraces, a Marina, Port and promenade. Often doubling for period London, the town is a popular filming locations, having also featured in Liaison (2023), The Bastard Son & the Devil Himself (2022) and Top Boy (2019-2022).

Westgate-on-Sea is a civil parish on the north-east coast of Kent. It is a charming Victorian town with two fantastic blue flag beaches – West Bay and St Mildred’s Bay. Previous productions to have filmed in Westgate-on-Sea include Whitstable Pearl (2021-2022), Humans Series 2 (2016) and True Love (2012).

Dumpton Gap is a quiet sandy 150 meters long bay with some rocks and a promenade. The sand disappears entirely at high tide but at low tide it is possible to walk to Ramsgate. Facilities include a café, toilets and chalets. Derek (2013) and True Love (2012) feature the bay.

Chatham is a historic town situated in Medway, North Kent and is known for its historic dockyard, army barracks and high street. Living (2022) filmed at the Kings Theatre, The Last Rite (2021) features a coffee shop on the high street, and Loki Season 2 (2023) – along with many other productions – filmed at the popular Historic Dockyard Chatham.

Trapping (2023) was released on Amazon Prime on Friday 15th September 2023.

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Exodus (2007)

cast and crew talking in front of a graffiti wall

Penny Directing on the set of Exodus © Phil Fisk/Channel 4 Television

Writer/Director: Penny Woolcock

StarringBernard Hill,  Ger Ryan, Daniel Percival, Clare-Hope Ashitey

Production Company: Artangel Media, Arts Council of England, Channel 4 Television Corporation

Kent Filming Locations: Margate and surrounding areas.

Produced and commissioned by Artangel in collaboration with Channel 4 and the Arts Council UK, EXODUS is a retelling of the Old Testament story of Moses’ search of the Promised Land in a contemporary setting. Filmed entirely in Thanet, the feature length drama is directed by Penny Woolcock, featuring artwork by Anthony Gormley (Angel of the North).

The film stars Bernard Hill (Lord of the Rings, Titanic) as the Pharaoh and Ger Ryan (Queer as Folk, Fat Friends) as his wife. Moses is played by Daniel Percival (Vital Signs) and Zipporah by Clare-Hope Ashitey (Children of Men). All other characters, as well as the supporting cast, were played by people from Margate and the Isle of  Thanet who also assisted behind the scenes.

Antony Gormley's Waste Man sculpture on Margate Beach

Antony Gormley Waste Man © ThierryBal (kingsgate)

A highlight of the film is ‘Exodus Day’ which culminated in the burning of ‘Waste Man’ a 25 metre structure made of unwanted rubbish by artist Anthony Gormley. It also featured a performance at Margate’s Winter Gardens by local musicians, performing songs written exclusively for Exodus by artists like Rufus Wainwright, Laurie Anderson, The Tiger Lillies and Imogen Heap. The theme for he music were the ten Biblical plagues: Blood, Frogs, Lice, Death of ivestock, Boils, Hailstones, Locusts, Darkness and death of the first born

The entire project revolved around the involvement of the local community including students and staff from Margate Adult Education Centre. The students took on speaking roles and helped to make the props and sets for the film in their classes. Programme manager, Viv Smith, even abseiled Anthony Gormley’s Waste Man to help in its creation.

The crew of Exodus were delighted at the help they received and gave their thanks in the credits of the film for KAES, the students in the film and the tutors who help build the sets and worked on textiles.

Margate is a delightful seaside town with a sandy beach, harbour, arcades, and period housing. The area has been used for filming by projects including True Love (2012).

Exodus premiered at the 64th Venice Film Festival and will be screened in Cinemas and on Channel 4  on Monday 19th November 2007 at 10pm. 

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