Eastenders (2007)

Eastenders in Dungeness - two men on the beach in front of a black wooden house

Eastenders in Dungeness © BBC

Director: Paul Annett

Writer: Julia Honour

Starring: Phil Daniels, Burn Gorman

Production Company: BBC

Kent Locations: Dungeness

Eastenders is a BBC One soap set in East London about the lives of the Albert Square residents. In the hour long special broadcast in March 2007, viewers find that Kevin (Phil Daniels) is still alive after he disappeared following the revelation that he wasn’t the biological father of his children Deano and Carly.

Kevin befriends a man called Jed (Burn Gorman) who can’t remember where he is or how he got there following a stag do. Jed steals Kevin’s stuff and boards a bus which then crashes. Jed dies in Kevin’s arms saying he wishes he could see his family, which makes Kevin decided it is time to return to Albert Square.

The series was created by Julia Smith and Tony Holland and first aired in 1985. The soap has become a fan favourite and won a number of awards including six BAFTA’s.

The episode was directed by Paul Annett and written by Julia Honour, starring Phil Daniels (Quadrophenia, Chicken Run, Time Gentlemen Please) and Burn Gorman (The Dark Knight Rises, Pacific Rim, Layer Cake).

The production chose to film on location at Dungeness in Kent, which is a unique coastal landscape with a shingle beach, two lighthouses and a power station. The area is a popular film location having previously featured on Homes By The Sea (2014) and Parades End (2012).

This episode of EastEnders aired in March 2007.

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