Moon and Son (1992)

 Civic Centre, Folkestone- concrete building with cast members being filmed by a crew in front of the building

Behind the scenes, Moon and Son at Civic Centre, Folkestone © Shepway District Council

Creator: Robert Banks Stewart
Directors: Ken Grieve, Robert Tronson, Paul Harrison, Roger Tucker
Writers: Michael Aitkens, Leslie Darbon
Cast: Millicent Martin, John Michie, Laure Killing, Ian Redford, Patrick Drury, John Fitzgerald Jay
Production Company: BBC
Kent locations Used: Folkestone, Kent and East Sussex Railway, Oare Marshes, Chilham Castle, Crabble Corn Mill, Deal, Folkestone Harbour, Dungeness Estate, The Grand Hotel in Folkestone, The Leas Cliff Hall and The Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway

Moon and Son (1992) is a 13-episode BBC series created by Robert Banks Stewart (Darling Buds of May (1991-1993), Doctor Who), which follows a professional fortune teller, Gladys Moon (Millicent Martin), and her son Trevor (John Michie) as they solve a multitude of mysteries.

The series stars Millicent Martin (Days of Our Lives, Grace and Frankie), John Michie (Coronation Street, Holby City), Laure Killing (Paris Criminal Investigations, Nouvelle Vague), Ian Redford (The Remains of the Day, Coronation Street), Patrick Drury (The Crown (2016-2020), Father Ted) and John Fitzgerald Jay (Roujin Z, Reign).

The production filmed at a variety of locations in Kent and in Nord-Pas-De-Calais across the Channel. Folkestone is the main UK setting and hometown of the Moons. Folkestone Harbour is also used frequently as the Moons travel between Folkestone and Boulogne. The Folkestone area has been used for previous productions including The Tunnel (2013) and Everyone’s Going to Die (2013).

Wittersham Road Station, which is part of Kent and East Sussex Railway, features as a hideout in Episode Two. It is a versatile historic railway that boasts an extensive list of production credits including Mapp and Lucia (2014) and Last Passenger (2013).

The Oare Marshes appear as the location for Mr Marsh’s (Gregory Floy) business in Episode Two and again as the quarry lake where his body is discovered. The Oare Marshes is a reserve consisting of one the few grazing marshes left in Kent. Other productions to have filmed there are A Taste of Britain (2014), Channel 4’s Southcliffe (2013) and Great Expectations (2012).

Chilham Castle, a historic building set in the Tudor village of Chilham features as Lady Doddington’s Estate in Episode Nine of the series. The village of Chilham has welcomed other productions including BBC’s Emma (2009), Miss Marple – The Moving Finger (2006) and Dempsey and Makepeace ‘Cry God for Harry’ (1985).

Crabble Corn Mill also features in Episode Nine as Denham’s Auction House. Recognised as one of Dover’s hidden treasures, Crabble Corn Mill is one of the most complete working Georgian watermills. Dover has often been seen on screen, in particular Dover Castle, in productions such as The Apprentice (2015), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) and The Other Boleyn Girl (2008).

The Old Boatmen’s Room on Deal’s Marina doubled as Basil’s Chapel in Episode Ten. Deal boasts a stunning seafront and pier, as well as two Tudor castles and a thriving high street. Other productions to have filmed in Deal include Legacy (2013) and Ruby Blue (2007).

Other locations that appear in Moon and Son include the palm court at Folkestone’s The Grand, which features frequently as Gladys’ preferred haunt for tea. Additionally, The Leas Cliff Hall is home to the final showdown of Episode Two and The Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway features in Episode Twelve as the location of hidden diamonds.

Moon and Son aired in 1992.

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Darling Buds of May (1991 – 1993)

Catherine Zeta Jones as Mariette standing in front of a table of food with Oast House in the background © ITV

Catherine Zeta Jones as Mariette with Oast House in the background © ITV


Director : David Giles, Robert Tronson, Rodney Bennett, Steve Goldie

Writer: H. E Bates, Paul Wheeler, Stephen Bill

Production Company: Excelsior, Yorkshire Television

Kent Filming Locations: Pluckley, Folkestone,

Set in Kent in the 1950’s Darling Buds of May was filmed on location in Pluckley and Folkestone. The programme focused on the Larkin family who appeared to have the ideal family life living off the land.

Pop and Ma sat by the River with a picnic smiling at the camera

Pop and Ma by the River © ITV

Catherine Zeta Jones as Mariette with Oast House in the background © ITV

Catherine Zeta Jones as Mariette with Oast House in the background © ITV

Buss Farm Oast being worked on before filming- scaffolding with crew on surround it

Buss Farm Oast being worked on before filming © Roger Holmes

Behind the scenes on Folkestone seafront- cast and crew stood on the beach with filming equipment

Behind the scenes on Folkestone seafront © Shepway District Council

Amazingly, ‘Pop’ Larkin (David Jason) has managed to avoid the tax man. In the first six episodes, tax inspector Cedric (Philip Franks) comes to the farm to collect debts and ends up abandoning his career to live the dream of country living and marry ‘Pop’s’ daughter, Mariette (Catherine Zeta Jones). The programme has long been accredited with launching Catherine Zeta Jones’ career.

The series was hugely successful and achieved high viewing figures throughout its run. The effects are still felt in the lovely village of Pluckley, Kent which still welcomes those seeking a glimpse of the ‘perfick’ life.

For many, Darling Buds of May reflects the dream Kentish Life, involving living in an Oast House and enjoying the countryside that Kent has to offer with family and friends. It is perhaps this, which made the series so popular.

Pluckley to this day remains a sleepy countryside village but it is not only famous for its Darling Buds of May appearances, it is also renowned for its more ghostly inhabitants. Pluckley has earned the title of the most haunted village in Britain. It is said that 12 to 16 ghosts inhabit the village and every year on Halloween tourists inundate the village to see if they too can have a supernatural experience. The village however remains unspoilt and picturesque, reminding visitors of its Kentish beauty as depicted in the series.

The series aired between 1991 and 1993 and is now available to buy on DVD.


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