The Boats That Made Britain: A Time Team Special (2014)

Tony Robinson smiling at the camera

Tony Robinson © Channel 4

Production Company: Picture House Television Company, The Channel 4 Television Corporation, Videotext Communications

Kent locations used: Dover

This Time Team special sees Tony Robinson join a team of experts as they attempt to reconstruct a bronze age Dover Boat, one of the oldest seagoing boats in the world, using only materials and tools from the time.

Little evidence survives of what life was like three and a half thousand years ago however in 1992, archaeologists in Dover town centre unearthed the most intact Bronze Age boat ever found and in 2012, the Time Team crew including Sir Tony Robinson, Phil Harding and Francis Pryor worked alongside a team of experts as they strive to reconstruct the Dover Boat and unlock secrets of this mysterious time.

The production team visited Dover to explore the area where the boat was found. The Bronze Age Boat is now on display at Dover Museum.

Time Team is the popular Channel 4 series which ran for 20 series from 1994 – 2013 where each episode featured a team of specialists carrying out excavation on sites to attempt to solve archaeological mysteries. The Boats That Made Britain is one of several specials shown in 2014.

Dover is home to the infamous White Cliffs of Dover and Europe’s busiest passenger port. The area has been used for many filming projects such as The Choir: Sing While You Work (2013), Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) and The Other Boleyn Girl (2008).

Don’t miss The Boats That Made Britain: A Time Team Special which will be shown on Sunday 7th September 2014 at 20:00 on Channel 4.

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