The Royals Season 4 (2018)

The three main characters standing in a row facing the camera in front of a white background, blue and red stripes cover them, the words The Royals written in white

©E! Entertainment


Writer: Mark Schwahn, Michelle Ray, Scarlett Lacey

Director: Mark Schwahn, Les Butler, James Lafferty

Starring: Elizabeth Hurley, Alexandra Park, William Moseley, Jake Maskall, Tom Austen

Production Company: StudioCanal

Kent Locations Used: The Historic Dockyard – Chatham, Chapel Place – Tunbridge Wells

American drama series about a fictional British royal family set in modern day London, that deals with the family’s  drama and scandals whilst in the public eye.

Starring Elizabeth Hurley (Austin Powers, gossip girl), Alexandra Park (Home and Away, The Elephant Princess), William Moseley (The Chronicles of Narnia, Carrie pilby), Jake Maskall (EastEnders, Centurion) and Tom Austen (Unforgotten, Grantchester). The series was created by Mark Schwahn (one tree hill) who also wrote and directed along with Michelle ray, Scarlett Lacey, Les Butler and James lafferty.

The Historic Dockyard Chatham was used for filming scenes set onboard the HMS Cavalier as well as external street scenes filmed around the Ropery. Interior scenes were shot in the Tarred Yarn Store, while Commissioner’s House gardens were also filmed. Chapel Place in Tunbridge Wells featured as part of a Royal Wedding.

HMS Cavalier has previously been used in Rustom (2016) and Toast of London (2013) while the popular Historic Dockyard itself can be seen in the current series of the BBC’s Call the Midwife Series 7 (2018) and Victoria and Abdul (2017). Tunbridge Wells has been used before by shows such as the six-part BBC TWO comedy series the Quacks (2017) and The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses (2016).

The Royals Season 4 will air in the UK on 11 March 2018 on the E! Channel.

For more information about Kent’s Filming History please visit our Movie Map. 

The Royals (2016)

Victoria Ekanoye (Rachel, left), Elizabeth Hurley (Queen Helena, center) and Alexandra Park (Princess Eleanor, right) standing in a grand living room with white and gold walls

Victoria Ekanoye (Rachel, left), Elizabeth Hurley (Queen Helena, center) and Alexandra Park (Princess Eleanor, right) © Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Creator: Mark Schwahn

Starring: Elizabeth Hurley Andrew Bicknell, William Mosely, Alexandra Park, Jake Maskall, Tom Austen

Production Companies: Mastermind Laboratories, Varsity Pictures, Lionsgate Television, Universal Cable Productions

Kent Locations Used: Allington Castle, Boughton Monchelsea Place

Set in modern day London and following the lives of a fictional British Royal Family headed up by Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley), American television drama series The Royals is set to return on E! for a second series.

The series picks up after the murder of King Simon by an unknown assailant, where his brother Cyrus has taken the throne after deeming the Prince and Princess illegitimate, with the help of the Queen to fabricate the paternity results. Convinced the Queen is on his side, her majesty has her own agenda to change the succession of the Royal Family and make the power shift to the queen if anything should happen to yet another king. Meanwhile, Liam vows to bring his father’s murderer to justice and teams up with an unlikely ally to do so.

The show was created by Mark Schwahn (Coach Carter, One Tree Hill) and the ensemble cast includes Elizabeth Hurley (Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Gossip Girl), Andrew Bicknell (The Dark Knight, The Meaning of Life), William Mosely (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Run), Alexandra Park (The Elephant Princess, Home and Away), Jake Maskall (EastEnders, Centurion) and Tom Austen (Grantchester, Unforgotten).

The Royals production made use of two locations in Kent for the second series: Boughton Monchelsea Place which can be seen in episode three as the manor house that Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Parks) and Jasper (Tom Austen) visit. Allington Castle which features in episode seven where Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Parks) and Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) visit.

Boughton Monchelsea Place is a 16th century manor house set within 15 miles of countryside to the south of Maidstone. Boughton Monchelsea Place has been chosen as a film location by upcoming feature film The Carer (2016), Half Broken Things (2007) and a variety of photoshoots.

Allington Castle is privately owned and situated on the banks of the River Medway and was previously on screen in Mary Tudor for BBC Education (2005),  Covington Cross (1992) and The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood (1984).

The second series of The Royals starts  on Wednesday 10th February 2016 at 21:00 on E! – Sky channel 239 and Virgin 156.


For more information about Kent’s Filming History please visit our Movie Map.