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The Kent Film Office was created to deliver a first class service to film productions wishing to film in the area. Together with other agencies in the Kent Filming Partnership, we recognise the benefits of filming and promise that Kent is a film friendly county. The below filming guidelines ensure that the impact of filming on Kent businesses and residents is minimal while at the same time allowing flexibility. All filming permits issued by the Kent Film Office do not exempt film companies from complying within the Filming Guidelines any current legislation regulating filming activity, unless special dispensation has been granted which will be stated within the permit.


For large and international productions, we strongly recommend that a UK location manager, producer or fixer is engaged to ensure the smooth running of any filming activity.

  1. The Kent Film Office and the relevant partner agencies (including police and local authority departments) must be consulted on all filming activity due to take place on public or private property where it impacts on public areas. No filming activity should take place until permissions have been granted by all the relevant parties.
  2. Emergency vehicle access must always be maintained during location filming.
  3. Proof of adequate public liability insurance and any other relevant insurance should be made available on demand to anyone affected by the location firming activities of the production company.
  4. It is the responsibility of the production company to ensure that its employees and contractors comply with Health & Safety regulations and carry a relevant risk assessment when filming on location.
  5. Film-makers’ activities should be limited to areas and times for which permission has been granted and must comply with the Highway Code unless a written exemption has been granted by the relevant authority.
  6. Film-makers should ensure that location owners and adjacent property owners have been consulted and are kept fully informed of the intentions of the production company, whether they are used for filming or not. Access to homes and businesses on location and adjacent properties must be kept clear at all times, unless otherwise negotiated with the individuals concerned. Wherever possible, Notice of Intent to film should be given in writing after initial location recces and at least one week before filming commences, giving both a production mobile and the Kent Film Office number – 03000 422000.
  7. Film-makers on location are visitors and should be sensitive to the community in which they are working.  Members of the public should be treated with courtesy and consideration at all times. Noise should be kept to a minimum, especially during unsociable hours (normally 10 p.m. to 8 am). Crew and cast members should aim to dress appropriately at all times and in all weathers and should refrain from using offensive language.
  8. It is the responsibility of the production company to clear the location area regularly during filming, to make good any damage or mess caused to the location and any adjacent property affected, and to ensure that all rubbish is cleared from the location on departure.
  9. In certain circumstances Kent County Council, police, other emergency services or location owners may deem it necessary to impose additional stipulations on film-makers.

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