Filming with Children

Children filming in Cobham © KFO

Working with children performers, actors and supporting actors is regulated by The Children (Performance) Regulations 1968 which applies to all children from birth to the end of compulsory school age, at the end of year 11.

Since it is a criminal offence to contravene the regulations and a Children’s Performance Licence is issued free of charge, you need to make sure you do the following when using child actors:

Answer the following questions:
a) will the children miss school? (anyone who has completed year 11 is exempt)
b) will they be paid for their contribution?
c) have they performed in film, tv, theatre, music, etc for more than 4 days in the last six months?
d) will it be broadcast, filmed or recorded for public exhibition?

If answer to any of the above is YES, you must get a Child Performance Licence, which is free of charge, and you can download the form from the KCC’s Children in Entertainment website 

If the answer is NO, there are still various regulations regarding working time and hours for children of varying ages you will need to observe. Have a look at KCC’s Children in Entertainment website, which tells you all that you need to know and includes FAQs and downloadable forms.

If you are using children for any substantial amount of time, you are advised to employ a chaperone and a tutor if they miss school days. For shorter periods of time, parent or legal guardian my function as a chaperone to their children.

If you are still stuck, get in touch with us on 03000 422 000 and we’ll connect you with one of our officers who can help you with the process.