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Application to Use the Public Highway for Filming

KENT PERMIT SCHEME – For any use of the highway/public right of way requiring traffic management due to obstruction of part of the carriageway, footway and/or public footpath. Depending on the road or path classification the cost will be between £50 – £250.

FILM NOTICE – Up to 24hrs duration closure dependent on classification of road, with a minimum of 3 week’s notification period.

  • Administration Charge £300

FILM ORDER – 2 – 7 day duration closure, with a minimum of 6 -12 week’s prior notification.

  • Administration Charge £460
  • Statutory Advertising – at cost, as invoiced once known
  • Amendments – Administration Charge of £250 for any amendments needed after a Film Order has been approved and advertised.

Note that other additional costs are likely to be involved, including traffic management, signage and police assistance which are not included in the figures above.

When applications are made, a Purchase Order must be emailed to


Most officers facilitating filming requests do so above the job they are usually tasked with by the council, so have to schedule dealing with requests into their normal working day. Therefore, the Kent Film Office has devised the above deadlines in which permits can be achieved to give film companies maximum flexibility, while at the same time giving officers reasonable timeframes in which to process requests.

Whenever a project is late in applying for a permit, we reserve the right to withhold filming permission. If we decide that we are able to process your request within an emergency timeframe, we will raise the following emergency request fees, which compensate officers having to work extra hours or re-scheduling their other commitments to process your application to film on the public highway.

Late fees are charged on top of fees for Film Permit, Notices and Orders:
Late fees for the highway: £250 + VAT

Late fees for Public Rights of Way: £100 + VAT

Note that any charges are non-refundable.


  • The applicant shall be responsible for employing a Traffic Management Company employing operatives accredited under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991(NRSWA) to implement all necessary traffic management and signage.
  • Signage must comply with the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002.
  • The applicant must provide the Kent Film Office with details of the Traffic Management Company they employ, a Risk Assessment covering all filming activity and a copy of their company’s Public Liability Insurance no less than 48 hours prior to the closure.

Prior to Closure

  • The applicant is responsible for notifying any residents, businesses, schools and hospitals directly affected by the closure by means of a letter.
  • This letter needs to include the mobile phone number for the Production Company and the phone number for Kent Film Office.
  • A copy of this letter must be e-mailed to Kent Film Office as soon as possible confirming the date of when the drop occurred or is due to be carried out together with a list of all properties the letter was issued to.
  • A Public Notice will be provided which must be printed and laminated on white A4 paper and placed at either end of the closure.
  • Advance warning signs must be erected at either end of the section of road affected, with the legend `Advance Notice ROAD CLOSED HERE’ stating the dates and times of the closure, the name of the production company and a contact telephone number for enquiries.
  • These signs must be in place as early as reasonably possible and at least 24 hours prior to a FILM NOTICE taking effect and one week before a FILM ORDER takes effect
  • The applicant is responsible for the supply, erection and maintenance of all diversion signage for traffic.
  • Courtesy signs must be placed on site stating the name of the production company and a contact number.
  • The applicant must arrange for signage at each end of the closure to show that any businesses affected by the closure are still open as usual, and from which direction access is possible.
  • The signs should have wording along these lines `For (name of business) follow diversion’ and `Access to (name of business)’.

During Closure

  • Emergency access to properties within the length of road closure and safe pedestrian access must be maintained at all times.


For a list of all traffic management companies in the county, please visit:

Though you may employ any company with certified operatives, we would recommend that you use a local contractor who will be familiar with the area and most likely have an existing working relationship with the local authorities and emergency services.

Please note the companies operating any form of traffic management on Kent’s road will require Streetworks qualifications, either:

Operative level – Unit 002 – Signing, lighting and guarding.

Supervisor level – Unit 002 – Signing, lighting and guarding

For roads above 50mph or dual carriageways, additional evidence of training in relation to working on the High Speed Road network is required such as Sector Scheme 12A/12B High Speed Traffic Management training.