Freak Like Me 2010

Russell Kane © BBC

Russell Kane © BBC

Production Company: Endemol UK

Kent Filming Locations: Eynsford

A new reality show, which takes a peek at the weird and wonderful habits of the British public.

In this new series, stand-up comedian Russell Kane goes on a mission to unveil the personal habits and obsessions of members of the public and show that he’s not alone in his freakish obsessions and daily rituals.
Whether it’s making lists of lists, loving the taste of stale food, chewing toenails or a girl who can’t stop sucking a dummy…… Russell wants the great British public to stop hiding their habits and be loud and proud about being freaky!

In each episode, ordinary people reveal their secrets and each show includes surprising statistics from the Freak Like Me poll, showing that some strange habits are more normal than you may have thought.
In the Freak Like Me booth, the British reveal all the hidden habits in their everyday lives and secrets that they have not dared to say out loud before.

Episode two features the story of a resident in Eynsford in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Sevenoaks is a town in West Kent with vibrant shopping streets, architectural treats and historic buildings including Knole Park which is nestled in a medieval deer-park and full of hidden treasures.  The area has been used for filming by productions including Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast (2016), Rush (2013), and Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides (2011)

Freak Like Me will be shown on BBC Three, Monday 1 November, 8.30pm


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