Goodbye To Canterbury (2013)

The enthronement of Archbishop Rowan Williams at the Cathedral

Enthronement of Archbishop Rowan Williams © Canterbury Cathedral

Production Company:  BBC

Kent Locations Used: Canterbury, Canterbury Cathedral, Pegwell Bay

Goodbye To Canterbury is a one-off BBC Two documentary, which gives a unique insight into Dr Rowan Williams’ life as the Archbishop of Canterbury, on the eve that he is retiring after 10 years in the job.

The 104th Archbishop provides a detailed account of some of the exciting historical events that have shaped and the stories that surround Canterbury Cathedral. This hour long programme explores the 2000 years of English ecclesiastic art and architecture and observes the current tensions between Church and State.

The production visited the beautiful city of Canterbury, and Canterbury Cathedral itself. Canterbury is a vibrant City that offers a variety of locations ranging from the modern day city, parks and open spaces, shopping areas to neighbouring quaint, traditional towns. Previous productions that have shot in Canterbury include Bargain Hunt (2012), Songs of Praise (2011) and A Canterbury Tale (1944).

Also featured in the programme is Pegwell Bay, which is between Sandwich and Ramsgate and has a distinctive sandy bay with sea cliffs, lots of wildlife and a rich history. It is managed by Kent Wildlife Trust and was previously used as a filming location by BBC’s True Love (2012).

Goodbye To Canterbury will be on Tuesday 1st January at 17:30 on BBC Two.


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