Jack The Ripper – The Definitive Story (2011)

Film street scene at Chatham Historic Dockyard © Jeff Leary

Street scene at Chatham Historic Dockyard © Jeff Leary

In this two-part docudrama, the famous investigations into the Jack The Ripper crimes are examined in a new way using re-enactments and computer technology.
Production Company: Bulls Eye Lantern
Kent Filming Locations: The Historic Dockyard Chatham and Courtyard Studios
Jack The Ripper: The Definitive Story takes viewers on a journey to recreate the famous police investigations and examine the notorious killings for themselves.
The two-part docudrama uses witness statements, coroner reports, actor re-enactments and CGI technology to reconstruct 3D virtual environments.  It delves into history and reconstructs what actually happened on the night of each murder, taking viewers back in time to Victorian Whitechapel and dispelling the myths that still surround the case to this day.
Filming took place in Kent at The Historic Dockyard Chatham and Courtyard Studios.
The Historic Dockyard Chatham is a popular filming location and has been used for television and film for more than 20 years.  Its credits include big screen pictures Children of Men (2006), The Golden Compass (2007) and Oliver Twist (2007).
Courtyard Studios is located near Maidstone and offers access to 5,500sq ft of state of the art studio facilities.  
 Jack The Ripper aired on Channel 5 in 2011. 
For more information about the programme visit: http://www.channel5.com/shows/jack-the-ripper-the-definitive-story
For more information about The Historic Dockyard Chatham visit: http://www.thedockyard.co.uk/
For more information about Courtyard Studios: http://www.courtyardstudios.co.uk/
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