Martina Coles Lady Killers (2008)


Martina Cole standing in the tunnels at Fort Amherst

Martina Cole in the tunnels at Fort Amherst © Free @ Last TV

Presenter: Martina Cole

Production Company: Free At Last TV

Kent Filming Locations: Fort Amherst

Presented by crime writer Martina Cole, Lady Killers looks into the lives and motivations of some of England’s most notorious female serial killers. Martina will examine both historical and modern cases, including Mira Hindley and Beverley Allitt.

The programme does not seek to sensationalise the crimes but tries to examine the underlying psychologcal and sociological drivers as Martina guides the viewers through the case histories.

In 2008, Martina Cole visited Fort Amherst in Chatham to use it as a backdrop for the presentation of her historical cases. Examining the profiles of Amelia Dyer the ‘Victorian Baby Farmer’, Mary Ann Cotton the ‘Victorian Black Widow’ and Elizabeth Bathory the Sixteenth Century Mass Murderess responsible for the deaths of over 600 people in Hungary, the Forts were the ideal location.

Fort Amherst contains a myriad of tunnels deep within the hills of Medway. Totalling over 750 metres in length, they were designed to serve the gun placements protecting the Naval Dockyards in Chatham. Dating back to the Napoleon Wars, the tunnels are now open to the public and frequently play host to events like Weddings or their annual Fright Fest at Halloween. Fort Amherst has also been used as a filming location by productions such as Jekyll and Hyde (2015),  Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) and The Mission (1987).

The series starts with examining the heinous crimes of Mira Hindley on ITV3 on the 13th October at 21:00.


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