Kent Trainees

Behind the scenes © Falconhurst

Behind the scenes © Falconhurst

The film and broadcast media encompass such a large variety of jobs and there are many different routes into the sector. If you are looking for an initial overview of the opportunities, why not have a look at the Aim Higher: Routes into Film and Broadcast Media brochure?

Another way to prepare for a job in the industry is by attending a course at college or university.  Our Study Film and TV  page illustrates which colleges and universities offer courses in Kent if you wish to take this route.

In addition to formal training schemes, the Kent Film Office realises the importance of ‘learning on the job’ and works to secure as many opportunities as possible for Kent students.

Work Experience

The Kent Film Office offers 1 week work experience placements to young people who are 18 years or older and wish  to work in the industry. Though placements are largely admin based and do not include set visits or contacts with actual productions, they do offer an insight into how location filming is organised and offer the opportunity to visit locations and take photographs for our locations database to those applicants with the appropriate skills. Some of our work experience candidates have secured work experience placements as runners on productions visiting the county.

Training Programmes and Entry Level Opportunities

In the past, The Kent Film Office has been able to facilitate a number of ‘on the job’ training schemes, including two six months placements on Cape Wrath and six three weeks’ placements on The Calling.

Occasionally, we are able to secure ‘on set’ work experience opportunities for trainees with visiting productions which can last from a single day to a week. If you would like to be notified of these opportunities, please email us on with your age, contact number, email address, Kent address and whether you can drive and/or have studied a related subject.

Many of these trainees have moved on to work in the industry in various roles. For example, some have gained employment as runners, one is an assistant producer and another has been accepted at a renowned film school. If you like to read about some of their experiences, you can look at their Case Studies.

Here’s some comments from trainees that we have secured placements for:

“I found this a really interesting and challenging role as the workings on set were different to how I have previously worked on film jobs. They were hectic and long days but the team were wonderful to work with and really helped to make the whole experience memorable. I also learnt more about the inner workings of a production office and various tasks that are required by the team in order to create a smooth shoot. I also learnt about various ways that the team dealt and solved problems that arose. All in all it was a great experience, yet challenging in so many ways. The production team and crew were amazing and so welcoming.” March 2015

“Thank you for letting me know about it. It was such an interesting and rewarding experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. They were all such nice people and I was in awe of the locations which really made it for me – can’t get over that these places were in Kent! I feel very lucky to live here. ” July 2014

“I learned so much about what goes into the making of a film and had a wonderful time doing so. Everybody I met during my time on set was incredibly welcoming, interesting and, above all, passionate about working in the film industry. Overall it has taught me a vast array of useful skills and has been a significant aid in cementing my decision to pursue a career in the film industry.” June 2014

“It was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much and now have some contacts which is brilliant so I really cannot thank you enough for the offer of the role.” June 2014