Case Study 1 Cape Wrath 2006



Matthew Grant operating a camera © KFO

Matthew Grant operating a camera © KFO


Cape Wrath (US Meadowlands), 

A major Channel 4 drama starring David Morrisey, visited Kent in 2006, shortly after the inception of the Kent Film Office. As the production team was due to spend six months in the county, the Kent Film Office seized the opportunity to negotiate on the job training for two hopefuls from Kent.

Matthew Grant 

Matthew Grant was the Kent Film Office’s first trainee and he was given an opportunity to train in the production office of Cape Wrath. A recent graduate from Kent University, Matthew was given a range of tasks to give him a flavour of what it is like to work within a production office as well as on location.

Matthew said- 

“I was based in the office and so I was helping with any problems and having to be very practical. I was driving round London picking up pieces of costume required for actors and other things like that. It was a contemporary piece but they were still very specific and I would have to jump in my car and drive to a specific shop and get pieces that met the costume departments exact criteria.”

“I loved the pressure of it and I was impressed by the attention to detail. It meant a great deal to get the job as it was my first chance to work on a professional set. The only things I knew before about how TV programmes and films were made, was from watching the making of documentaries.

“I learnt more in my first week on Cape Wrath than I did in my entire time at university. My course was all theory so it was great to have this experience and has helped me in my work since.”

Matthew also found his placement helpful in finding other jobs.

“When my current job came up, I could talk about my work on Cape Wrath. I am now working as a runner on Big Barn Farm, a CBBC programme which I am really enjoying as I have more responsibility and it is a step up from before. I definitely want to carry on working in film, doing camera work and working as a floor manager.”


Since his placement Matt’s gone on to graduate as an MA in Film Production, at Canterbury Christ Church University.

David Weston 

David was given the placement of production runner on Cape Wrath and has since gone on to work as a 3rd Assistant Director on a production in London.  When asked about his experience he said-

“It was extremely hard work and daunting at first, especially with the amount there is to think about and take in. But I feel now I am far more accomplished and still believe this is the industry I want to work in. It’s great to see professionals at work and you learn things that University can’t teach you! I am finding it more and more enjoyable as the days go by!”