Kent Filming Partnership

Kent has long recognised the economic benefits of filming. The increase in employment, tourism, and the direct spend into the local economy by productions make a strong case for the council to back filming and the development of Kent as a film location. Back in 2008, The Kent Film Office, along with the cohesive work of County and District councils, Kent Police and private stakeholders, formed the Kent Filming Partnership. By working together with all authorities as well as private location owners, we maximise the many benefits that filming in the county bring for the citizens who live here.

picThe Kent Filming Partnership promotes Kent & Medway as a Film Friendly County which is appealing to the film and television industry. It ensures that all filming is undertaken safely and legally, and enables all members in the partnership to fulfil their own duties whilst also helping productions complete filming easily and on time.

Maximum Benefits for Minimum Disruption!

The Kent Filming Partnership and the Film and TV board underpinned the application, which allowed Kent to pass the Kent County Council (Filming on Highways) Act 2010  making Kent even more competitive in the UK locations market.

The Partnership Pledge







The Kent Filming Partnership aims to develop Kent & Medway as a film friendly county because it recognises the opportunities for inward investment, tourism and PR the film & broadcast industries can bring to Kent.

It is the responsibility of the partners to proactively take positive action to promote, support and enable film-making to be attracted to and take place in Kent & Medway and showcase this to the creative industries.

The Kent Filming Par

tnership fulfils its duty of care to local residents by ensuring that Kent & Medway citizens and businesses benefit from filming yet disruption is kept to a minimum.

The Partnership Pledge

  • The Kent Film Office will strive to ensure that the partnership is able to work together as an effective body and that the lines of communication between all partners remain open.
  • The local public and private bodies of Kent & Medway, including local authorities and police, pledge to make Kent a film friendly region by working within the guidelines of the Kent Filming Partnership.
  • The creative industries agree to abide by the Filming Guidelines in addition to the legal requirements imposed on filming.

The Partners

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If you are a production company, an agency, facilities company or have a location based in Kent and would like to join the Kent Filming Partnership; please download and sign a copy of Kent Filming Partnership and email to along with a jpg copy of your logo.