International Productions

Behind the scenes image at Falconhurst- close up of the film screen, with two crew members to the left in the background.

Behind the scenes © Falconhurst

Kent has strong transport links both to The Continent and the London International Airports, which makes it an attractive area for international film-makers. However, here at the Kent Film Office, we recognise that it can sometimes be challenging to work out what filming can or cannot work when it comes to filming in the UK since some of our Kent filming Partnership guidelines as well as our legislation may differ from other countries. If you are bringing a production to Kent, please tell us about the project and what you plan to achieve. We are happy to help with all enquiries, from initial research, location advice and research, crew and facility hire, as well as accommodation.

To satisfy our General Data Protection Regulations, we need you to register your project through our Permit System before we are able to give you any locations contacts.

The British High Commission provides information about visas, including film groups. Alternatively, you can contact your nearest Visa Facilitation Service (VFS) for practical information and advice.

The British Film Commission (BFC) offers valuable help to international crews.

The British Film Institute (BFI)has specific information about tax relief and co-productions.


A small film crew of four with their filming equipment set up on some greenery in front of white cliffs.

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Productions will be asked to pay in advance unless a purchase order from a UK registered company can be produced.

If the production is at a location for a longer period of time, the location owners may ask for a payment schedule. An example of a payment schedule for crew working on a three-week shoot is:

  • 50% up front
  • 25% in first week of production
  • 25% in second week of production

Please note that locations may have a cancellation policy in place or consider a cancellation fee when negotiating the contract terms.


All Overseas productions should obtain insurance from their country of origin which covers them for filming in the UK. In Kent we usually require £5 million or above for Public Liability to film in public spaces.

Where necessary, all insurance documents provided by an international production should be translated into English.

Here is a list of some UK Media Insurance Providers.

Location agreements and the insurance policy must be in the name of the same company. For example, the location contract cannot be in the name of the overseas company and the insurance in the name of the UK production services company; both must be the same.


If you set up a UK company you may also get access to the UK Tax Relief. For more information on this please refer to the British Film Commission.

There are also opportunities to qualify as a Co-production which has its own benefits, including being able to apply and be eligible for funding and the UK filming tax relief system. The British Film Institute has more information on this.

Additional Advice

We recommend that all productions hire a location manager experienced in working in the UK who is able to negotiate and be the point of contact for the location owners and local agencies. Additionally, location managers should be able to scout on behalf of the production and attend any recces prior to the production arriving in the country if necessary.

Film London also offers additional advice.