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Light Bulb with shoot growing within it

Light Bulb with shoot growing within it © Buss-Root



Filming in Kent couldn’t be easier.

The Kent Film Office offers you a one stop shop for all your filming needs. We can contact the local district councils, Kent Highways and Kent Police to gain permission for you to film on the public highways.

If you wish to film on private land then you need to contact the location owners and explain what it is you plan to do. There might also be a location fee, so please remember to factor that into your budget.

We can also offer you advice on the best areas to film, send you information on the legal requirements of filming in Kent, as well as only being a phone call away for any general advice you might need.

Download our helpful guide. 

Or download an accessible Word Document.

What We Need From You

To arrange your filming permission we need the following from you:

  • Complete a PERMIT REQUEST, detailing what you want to film, ideally TWO WEEKS prior to your first filming day.
  • If you have any special requirements, such as actors in police uniforms, night scenes, etc. we would prefer at least FOUR WEEKS to ensure your risk assessments and residents’ letters, if required, are in place and acceptable to the local agencies.
  • A copy of your college or university’s Public Liability Insurance (PLI), covering you for at least £5 million. Without this, permission will NOT be granted.

Note: If your filming is part of your University / College coursework and you can supply us with a PLI from your University / College as well as a signed risk assessment from your tutor, then we will waive fees for student filming.

If you have any questions or just want to talk though your project, please email us on or phone 03000 422 000.