Kent Filming Guidelines – COVID-19


In line with the Government’s Living with COVID-19 plan, legal restrictions have been removed in relation to COVID-19 and the workplace.  The UK working safely during COVID-19 guidance continue to exist to provide high level guidance to manage COVID-19 specific risk in film and TV production as part of overarching Health & Safety regulations.  They are referenced below accordingly:

Creative England and Film London’s Code of Practice Action List for Filming in Public Locations is now considered superfluous to industry need and is therefore withdrawn.  Creative England and Film London recommend that productions filming in England take a risk-based approach to assessing and mitigating the effect of COVID-19 on production and the baseline expectation is to follow the production’s own COVID-19 protocols and production-specific risk assessment, alongside government workplace guidance.

More information on conducting risk assessments and control measures can be found on the HSE website.