Highways Filming

These Guidelines apply to the Kent County Council Geographical area only and do not include Medway as they are a unitary authority and have different legislation and rules governing their highway! 

Handheld Shots, GVs, Vox Pops And Links

If you have a crew of up to 10 people with a camera and a tripod looking to film on Kent’s public highway or a public footpath, please apply for a Permit.

If you are a student, please go to our Student Portal before you apply for a permit.

Please note that Kent County Council requires anyone using the public highway for filming to have Public Liability Insurance for at least £5,000,000 and carry a risk assessment.

Street Lighting And Furniture

If you would like to manipulate lighting columns, Kent Highways Services require the number of the street column(s) you wish to change. They also need sight of the G39 qualification of anyone wishing to work on the column(s) in question if you do not wish to employ a Kent Highways contractor.

If you would like to remove/change any street furniture, Kent Highway Services need TM plans indicating exactly what the requirements for change are. The removal or covering of street furniture needs to be undertaken by a Kent Highways Services approved contractor who will then seek a Permit to Work under Section 50, New Roads and Street Works Act 1991.

If you need these services, please apply for a Permit and if you require our engineers to attend, please give plenty of notice as this needs to be fitted around everyday operation and charged at cost.


The dispensation of lines, bays and permissions to cone unrestricted areas for filming is handled by the local councils and as such not uniformly granted or applied in the various boroughs, cities or districts.

Please apply for a Permit with clear maps or locations descriptions, including meter numbers where applicable and we will negotiate your request with the local councils.

Traffic Management And Road Closures

In July 2010 Kent County Council were granted the powers to close sections of the public highway for the purposes of filming under the Kent County Council (Filming on Highways) Act 2010.

The legislation allows for varying methods to achieve this, depending on the location requested and the type and extent of the filming proposed.

As a first step, we suggest you discuss your proposals with the Kent Film Office who will then consult with Kent Highway Services, Kent Countryside Access and Kent Police to decide which option is most suited to your needs.

Once you have decided to go ahead, please complete the Application Form at the bottom of this page to make a formal application and return it to Kent Film Office.

All applications must be accompanied by a Purchase Order or paid in advance of filming.
Fees are non-refundable even if filming is cancelled or postponed!!!

Costs And Deadlines

*Costs for Highways closures do not include traffic management plans, signage or licenced operatives for traffic management. The Local Contacts page has a list if you need a traffic management company providing the above.

KCC PERMIT for Traffic Management

Minimum 5 working days’ notice. Please note that at night time, TRAFFIC LIGHTS are required instead of Stop & Go boards.

*HIGHWAYS COST- £250 – £500 +VAT dependent on the road classification.

PUBLIC RIGHTS OF WAY COST – £150 +VAT inclusive of signage.

FILM NOTICE – closure up to 24 hours

Minimum 3 weeks’ notice.


PUBLIC RIGHTS OF WAY COST – £400 +VAT inclusive of signage.

FILM ORDER – closure up to 7 days

Minimum of 6 -12 weeks’ notice.

*HIGHWAYS COST –  £776 +VAT including advertising costs.

PUBLIC RIGHTS OF WAY COST – £525 +VAT inclusive of signage.

In addition to the above:
•        Statutory Advertising – at cost, as invoiced once known
•        Amendments – Administration Charge of £250 +VAT for any amendments needed after a Film Order has been approved and advertised

Permissions will be granted dependent on road or public right of way classification and prior works.


Most officers facilitating filming requests do so above the job they are usually tasked with by the council, so have to schedule dealing with requests into their normal working day. Therefore, the Kent Film Office has devised the above deadlines in which permits can be achieved to give film companies maximum flexibility, while at the same time giving officers reasonable timeframes in which to process requests.

Whenever a project is late in applying for a permit, we reserve the right to withhold filming permission.

If we decide that we are able to process your request within an emergency timeframe, we will raise the following emergency request fees, which compensate officers having to work extra hours or re-scheduling their other commitments to process your application to film on the public highway or footpath.

LATE FEES are charged on top of fees for Film Permits, Notices and Orders – £250 + VAT per application.

Traffic Control

Any traffic control to support closures made under the Kent County Council (Filming on Highways) Act 2010, will as a first choice be achieved through employing a traffic management company with authorised operatives.

Kent Police officers will only attend closures in an emergency, for example, due to health and safety concerns or fear of crowds.

To apply for a closure, please contact the Kent Film Office on 03000 422 000 to discuss your requirements or download the Application Form.