Local Contacts

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Kent Highway Services

If you apply to the Kent Film Office for a filming Permit, we shall automatically contact the Kent Highways Officer in charge of the area(s) you are filming in and seek permission. Please do not contact Kent County Council highways directly, as they will re-direct you back to us.

Kent Police

If you apply to the Kent Film Office for a filming permit, we shall automatically contact the Kent Police Officer in charge of the area(s) you are filming in and seek permission.

If you need to contact Kent Police for any filming related permits such as weapons use, crime scenes staging, police livery etc. please apply for a Permit and we will seek their consent on your behalf.

Unless there is an emergency, please do not contact Kent Police for filming enquiries directly as they will only direct you back to us.

Accident And Emergency Services

Map and accessible list of Kent & Medway Hospitals.

Traffic Management Companies 

Road Ahead Closed © KFO

The following Traffic Management companies have registered with Kent Film Office as working locally in the Kent & Medway areas:

Lorrac Associates Traffic Management
https://www.theknowledgeonline.com/profile/lorrac-associates-traffic-management  – 0208 166 5111 – enquiries@latm.co.uk

Location Assist Security – Traffic Management
www.locationassist.co.uk – 01277 887111 – info@locationassist.co.uk

Local Crew And Facilities

The Kent Film Office has linked with Creative England in their drive to create a National Crew and Facilities directory and does not maintain a separate database for Kent Crew. If you are looking for local crew for your Kent based production, you can find listings or list yourself and your company on the Creative England Crew and Facilities Database, where you can refine your search to county level.

If you think we can help further please Contact Us.

Film Friendly Accommodation

Map screenshot of Film Friendly Accommodation

Map and accessible list of Film Friendly Accommodation in Kent.

Public Liability Insurance 

Any visiting production looking to film on council owned or managed land, the public highway or footpaths in Kent & Medway is required to provide proof of public liability insurance to the sum of £5 million.

If you are a European/International company please ensure that your cover is valid for the UK and is for an equivalent sum. Here is a list of some UK insurance providers who specialise in media cover and can provide you with the necessary policies.

Useful Contacts

Creative England

Screen South

The following film offices look after areas that border the Kent & Medway region: