Kent Filming Guidelines

Black and white image of two cameramen talking next to a camera on a tripod. Falconhurst field in background.

Behind the scenes © Falconhurst

As part of the Kent Filming Partnership the Kent Film Office and its partners recognise the benefits of filming and promise that Kent & Medway is a film friendly region by providing an agreed level of service.

Production companies in their turn agree to work to an agreed standard to ensure that the impact of their filming on Kent & Medway businesses and residents is minimal while at the same time allowing flexibility.

All filming* under a Permit by the Kent Film Office is granted with the following provisos:
[*this includes all forms of visual image capture including stills for commercial purposes]

  • No filming must commence without a Permit from Kent Film Office.
  • Kent County Council reserves the release of copyright to any footage shot under a Permit from Kent Film Office until full payment of all outstanding invoices has been received.
  • All filming must satisfy current legislation regulating filming activity, unless special dispensation has been granted in the Permit.
  • All filming must satisfy current Health & Safety Regulations and production must carry a risk assessment for any activity undertaken.
  • All filming must comply with the Highway Code and guarantee safe access and egress for residents and businesses excepting areas for which dispensation has been granted in the permit.
  • Liability for any filming undertaken is the sole responsibility of the production company and its employees and a copy of the companies Public Liability Insurance for £5 million or above must be copied to Kent Film office.
  • As soon as filming has been completed, all filming areas must be reinstated, and all damages reported and repaired. Rubbish must be regularly cleared.
  • All affected Kent & Medway communities, businesses and residents, whether they are used for filming or not, must be treated with courtesy and respect and given advance warning in writing of any disruption as well as compensation for disturbances or loss of business if applicable.
    Residents letters must be copied to Kent Film Office and contain a production mobile phone number as well as the following paragraph:
    If you prefer, you can contact the Kent County Council Film Office with whom we have been liaising, by email, on, or phone during office hours on 03000 422000.
  • The Production Company shall indemnify Kent County Council against all liabilities, costs,  reasonable  expenses, damages and losses suffered or incurred by KCC arising  directly out of  the Production Company’s breach or negligent performance or non-performance of the terms of a Permit from Kent Film Office, or any claim made against Kent County Council by a third party arising out of or in connection with the filming to the extent that such claim arises directly out of the breach, negligent performance or failure or delay in performance of the terms a Permit from Kent Film Office by the Production Company, its employees, agents or subcontractors.
  • Here are the Kent Filming Partnership – Guidelines, which are a rough guide to legislation.

The Kent Film Office operates under the following Terms Of Service.

All Production Companies must work with current legislation regulating filming.

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