Film Offices: UK (FO:UK)

Film Offices UK Logo- FO:UK written in blue and grey text on a white background. Film Office UK written in blue underneath

Remit and Purpose

Established in August 2013, Film Offices UK acts as a forum in which qualifying independent Film Offices across the UK can share information, best practice, and evaluate current industry trends.


A Film Office is a not-for-profit service wholly or partly funded by local and/or combined authorities with a dedicated member of staff resourced to support film and TV production of all types proactively and reactively without prejudice.

They provide a single point of contact with industry knowledge, building a network within the authority and the local area, and troubleshoot where necessary.

Membership Fee

There is currently no annual membership fee.


The FO:UK Chair is elected annually in December. They manage all central administration, communication and financial tasks for the forum, as well as act as the central contact for enquiries and Production Guild membership.


  • Meetings will be held quarterly online– members of the group must attend at least one meeting per year.
  • When meetings are held in person, the Chair will ensure these are convened in an easily accessible location, ideally at a time that ensures everyone can travel off peak.
  • Prior to a meeting, the Chair will determine whether there are enough members planning to attend in order to proceed.
  • The Chair shall be responsible for setting out and distributing agendas.
  • The Chair shall be responsible for chairing and recording meetings.
  • After each meeting, the Chair shall distribute a summary of the meeting and any action points.

The Production Guild Membership (PGM)

Film Offices: UK holds an affiliate membership with The Production Guild.

Members of FO:UK may take advantage of this and contribute to this membership.

  • The cost for affiliate membership will be split equally between participating FO:UK members.
  • The Chair will administer membership – submitting or renewing the application, collecting membership fees from participants, and then paying for the membership in full.
  • Affiliate membership gives FO:UK four user accounts and entitles up to four FO:UK delegates to attend any one PG member event.
  • All participating FO:UK members can be listed on the affiliate page of the website and promote themselves as a PG affiliate.
  • PGM runs alongside the financial year. Therefore, any film office wanting to join must do so at the start of the year.

Other relevant events

Film Offices UK is not limited to meetings and joint PGM and can explore other, mutually beneficial joint ventures, such as event attendance at the Focus Show.

The lead office is currently the Kent Film Office.

For more information about the Film Offices: UK group, please contact Kent Film Office on 03000 422 000 or email or download the FO:UK Application Form.

The Film Offices: UK group consists of the following offices which facilitate filming in their local areas:

The Bath Film Office covers the World Heritage city of Bath plus the old mining towns and picturesque villages of north east Somerset.  We promote, manage and provide advice on filming on behalf of Bath and North East Somerset Council. We support student and commercial shoots of all sizes. Period filming a speciality. Bath Film Office logo- Black Bath Film Office text with a black film reel graphic next to the writing
Bradford. Based in the world’s first UNESCO City of Film we provide a FREE service which will allow you to find the perfect location, advice on crew, assistance with permissions, how to approach parking and traffic control. We are located at the University of Bradford. Having close connections with the local council, businesses and property owners we can guarantee to support all your needs to ensure productions run smoothly. For any filming taking place within the Bradford district it is important to us that we are aware of your intentions so that we can assist and continue with our reputation as being a film friendly city. Bradford film office logo- blue Bradford film office text with a film reel logo on top
Bristol Film Office is a free service to all productions planning to film in the city, dedicated to making your film, television or commercial photography shoot run as smoothly as possible when on location in Bristol. We are a division of Bristol City Council and the one-stop-shop for all filming enquiries. We can assist at all stages of production, from initial location and crewing advice to recces and logistical support. Bristol Film Office Logo- Bristol Film Office in white text, on a blue background shape.
Film Birmingham is the film office for Birmingham run through Birmingham City Council. We are responsible for facilitating, supporting and developing the film & television industry in the city. Film Birmingham logo- Grey Film text with birmingham written vertically to the right.
Cardiff Film Unit (CFU) is the film office for the capital city of Wales, a division of Cardiff Council, marketing the city as a prime filming location and providing high-grade location and production services to production companies, broadcasters and independent film-makers, from initial location and crewing advice to recces and logistical support. Cardiff film office logo- blue background with Cardiff film office written in white text.
Film Edinburgh is the film commission for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders, facilitating filmmakers looking for locations, crew and facilities and promoting a film-friendly environment for filmmakers in south east Scotland. Film Edinburgh Logo- Film Edinburgh written in white text in the middle of a blue circle
Film:New Forest has been created as an economic development initiative by New Forest District Council (NFDC). Working in conjunction with key organisations, our aim is to boost the New Forest’s reputation as a film and TV filming location. We have a can do attitude and our completely free film-friendly service offers you a one-stop shop for:

·         New Forest-based locations

·         Access to skilled local crew

·         Permits to film

·         Parking and traffic control assistance

·         Permission for filming on council-owned property

Film new forest logo- blue background with white Film new forest text. Film in bold with a film reel as the L.
Glasgow Film Office (GFO) is the film commission for Scotland’s largest city, offering a free service to all productions including feature films, television, commercials, music videos and more.  GFO markets Glasgow as a premier UK centre for film and TV production and helps to facilitate location filming in the city, provide all the information a production needs – from location and crewing advice to recces and logistical support. GFO’s goal is to ensure a flourishing industry that benefits the entire city. Glasgow film office logo- glasgow in green text film office in orange
Kent Film Office is a Kent County Council initiative which is the premier film commission for the county of Kent and provides a location finding, film permitting and liaison service for all manner of productions. The Kent (Filming on Highways) Act 2010 also allows us to easily close roads or use traffic management for filming purposes.
Liverpool Film Office is the first and oldest Film Office in the UK we are a department of Liverpool City Council that is responsible for facilitating television and film production in Liverpool and Merseyside. Liverpool Film Office logo, Liverpool Film Office text in black with a white background and square black outline.
Northern Film and Media are the creative industry development agency for the north east. We work to promote the region to film and TV production companies. We have databases of locations, crew and facilities available to visiting production. All of our local authorities have signed up to our filming friendly charter – committing to understand and work with production wherever possible. Northern Media Logo- NFM written in purple on a white background with written underneath.
Screen Manchester is the Film Office for Manchester City Council and delivers a comprehensive support service for all types of production seeking permission to film on location within Manchester. Our experienced team have worked on a range of high end TV, feature film and commercial productions and will provide a detailed service. Screen Manchester logo- screen in black text, manchester in grey underneath. Two rectangles on the outside top right and bottom left.
Surrey Film Office has been created as an economic growth initiative by Surrey County Council. Working in conjunction with Surrey’s District and Borough Councils and key organisations, our aim is to promote Surrey as a first class filming location. We can source film locations, provide essential contacts and issue permits to film on the public highway. Surrey Film Office logo. Surrey Film Office text in purple and blue with a purple film lense graphic on the left
Screen Yorkshire. Yorkshire Film Office and Production Liaison Service provides comprehensive expertise on all aspects of filming in Yorkshire & Humber with a dedicated team on hand on to advise on locations, studios and production facilities. The Yorkshire & Humber online location database features an extensive range of locations for any film or television production – from rugged landscapes to period properties, industrial heritage to sleek contemporary architecture. Screen yorkshire logo- Screen yorkshire written in grey text with a line underneath


TayScreen + FifeScreen is the screen commission for Fife and Tayside in Scotland serving Angus, Dundee, Fife and Perthshire.  We provide a free service to help projects across all kinds of media to source film locations, services and crew and work across the region to ensure a film-crew friendly reception. Tayscreen Logo- Tayscreen written in blue on a white background, serving fife and tayside written underneath in a lighter blue. To the right is a square with 9 smaller blue squares inside
Thurrock Film Office was established in 2018 as part of the need for Thurrock Council to establish a proactive and consistent offer for those wishing to film in the borough. Thurrock Film Office is a free to use service for all production companies who will coordinate all responses, across all council services thus acting as one point of contact for all filming enquires. Image of clapper board with the words thurrock film office written in white in the middle.


The production guild logo- The production guild written in in gold with a giant P on the right. Affliate Member text in grey next to it FO:UK is proud to be an affiliate member of the Production Guild.

You can follow the Film Offices: UK group on Twitter and the current FO:UK terms of reference can be found here.