Break (2020)

Film poster for Break- a grey haired man in a beige hat and black top is in the centre of the image holding a gun up to the ceiling, behind him is a montage of 5 other characters from the film, all with concerned and moody faces. The images are on top of a city skyline at night. The title Break is written in the centre

Break Movie Poser- © Break Films

Writer: Michael Elkin
Director: Michael Elkin
Starring: Sam Gittins, Jamie Foreman, Adam Deacon, Terri Dwyer, David Yip, Rutger Hauer, Sophie Stevens, Luke Mably
Production Company: Break Films, Scanner-Rhodes Productions
Kent Locations Used: Canterbury Prison

A young, talented snooker player caught up in the world of serious crime when a local gangster and veteran pool champion from China offers him the opportunity to break free, realise his potential and become more than he ever thought he could be.

Break (2020) is directed and written by Michael Elkin (Banshee, Aux) and stars Sam Gittins (The Smoke, EastEnders), Jamie Foreman (Layer Cake, Inkheart), Adam Deacon (Babylon (2014), The Bromley Boys), Terri Dwyer (Hollyoaks, Age of Kill), David Yip (Indiana Jones, A View to a Kill), Rutger Hauer (True Blood, Batman Begins), Sophie Stevens (The Haunted, The Black Prince), Luke Mably (Combat Hospital, Exam).

Production filmed at Canterbury Prison which has previously featured in The Capture (2019) and Avengement (2019). The prison was active until March 2013 and later purchased by Canterbury Christ Church University to extend the nearby campus

Break was released on Wednesday 22nd July 2020.

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Babylon (2014)

Jonny Sweet as Tom Oliver, James Nesbitt as Richard Miller and Paterson Joseph as Charles Inglis sitting at a desk in police uniforms

Jonny Sweet as Tom Oliver, James Nesbitt as Richard Miller and Paterson Joseph as Charles Inglis © Channel 4

Writers: Sam Bain, Jesse Armstrong

Starring: James Nesbitt, Brit Marling, Paterson Joseph, Adam Deacon, Jill Halfpenny

Production company: Nightjack Ltd

Kent Filming Locations: Metropolitan Police Training Ground, Gravesend

British comedy drama Babylon is about the people, politics and pressures in London’s police force and returns to Channel 4 for a six part series after a successful pilot episode.

With accusations of racism, the use of lethal force, and corruption, Commissioner Richard Miller (James Nesbitt), who has the impossible job of keeping the capital safe, calls in American visionary from the world of new media Liz Garvey (Brit Marling) for a public image revamp.

Babylon is written by duo Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong (Peep Show, Fresh Meat) and stars an array of familiar face including James Nesbitt (The Hobbit, Cold Feet), Brit Marling (Another Earth, The East), Adam Deacon (Kidulthood, Adulthood), Paterson Joseph (Green Wing, Peep Show) and Jill Halfpenny (Waterloo Road, Eastenders).

The pilot episode was shown in February 2014 and was created and directed by the legendary Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting) who is the executive producer for the series.

The production visited the Metropolitan Police Training Ground in Gravesend where Robbie (Adam Deacon) trains at the firing range and features in episode two.

The Metropolitan Police Training Ground in Gravesend is a specialized training facility and has previously featured in Incendiary (2008).

Babylon starts on Channel 4 on Thursday 13th November 2014 at 22:00.

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