Dani’s House (2008)

Dani Harmer standing in front of a green and blue wall with a window, staring into the camera.

Dani Harmer in Dani’s House © BBC

Directors: Dex McCarthy, Jeremy Wooding 

Writers: Paul Rose, Emma Ko, Holly Lyons, Kay Stonham, Joe Williams 

Kent Filming Locations: Secret Location in the Maidstone Area

An aspiring actress, Dani is forever left to look after her irritating younger brother Max (Sebastian Applewhite), his side-kick Ben (James Ghandi) and the new baby. Trapped in the house Dani and her friends Toby (Harry Culverhouse) and Sam (Klariza Clayton) imagine that they are part of an elaborate television show called Dani’s House.

Unbeknown to the children, their make-believe show has attracted a rather unique audience:Zang and Zark, a couple of aliens, who display a remarkable resemblance to Dani and Toby!

The series plays host to many guest stars including Lil Chris, Matt Di Angelo and Kent’s own Shaun Williamson and was filmed entirely in Kent at a secret location near Maidstone.

Maidstone is the county town of Kent which has the River Medway running through it and boasts many parks, shopping areas, bars and restaurants and sports facilities. Nearby is lovely rural villages, and attractions such as Leeds Castle. The Maidstone area has been used for filming such as Rustom (2016) and  Couples Come Dine With Me(2014).

Dani’s House was shown on BBC One at 4.35 on Friday afternoons from February 2008.

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