Big Boys Don’t Cry (2020)

A sepia coloured image showing the movie poster for Big Boys Don’t Cry. A boy is sitting in a bath against a tiled wall.

Big Boys Don’t Cry (2020) Poster © IMDb / Screenbound International Pictures

Writer: Kal Bonner, Steve Crowhurst
Director: Steve Crowhurst
Starring: Michael Socha, Zoë Tapper, Rocci Williams, Paul Connolly
Production Company: Screenbound International Pictures
Kent Locations Used: Cliffe Woods, Deal, Higham and Gravesend

Paul Connolly (Michael Socha (Papillon (I)) recalls his harrowing childhood growing up in a children’s home following a police investigation into his boyhood friend’s suicide. As Paul struggles to build a relationship with Anthea (Zoë Tapper (Mr Selfridge (2013-2016)), he is forced to confront those responsible for his shattered childhood and the death of his friend.

Big Boys Don’t Cry (2020) is a biographical crime drama film produced by Kal Bonner (Howard Marks and the Lance of Destiny), Tim Bonner (Sweet Petunia), Sunita Mirchandani and Alex Scott (Much Ado About Nothing). The cast includes Michael Socha as Paul Connolly, Zoë Tapper as Anthea and Rocci Williams (Wrath of Man) as Lee. Director is Steve Crowhurst (SAS: Who Dares Wins) for Screenbound International Pictures.

Part of the production was filmed in Cliffe Woods, on some private farmland and in an alleyway off Battlesmere Road. Deal seafront and Mario’s Fish Bar features when Paul (Michael Socha) and Anthea (Zoë Tapper) go on a day out by the sea. Hive Lane in Gravesend features in a brief night scene, doubling for London, and Gravesend Road in Higham briefly features in a scene where Paul calls Malkie (David Spinx) from a phone box.

Cliffe is a small village located on the Hoo Peninsula and has close links to the larger Medway area.

Deal is a popular seaside town with a perfect mix of historical and modern spots, from the Tudor artillery castle and fascinating smuggling history to the modern, stylish cafes, bars, restaurants and shops and the beautiful pier stretching out onto the east coast. This coastal hotspot has been seen in TV dramas such as Liar (2017-2020) and Baptiste (2019).

Gravesend continues to prove popular with its maritime links and its diverse communities which offer visitors a blend of culture and history all in one place. It has the beautiful Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara Sikh temple, Borough Market, the Woodville Theatre and the oldest remaining cast-iron pier in the world. The town has featured in Black Mirror (Season 5 – Smithereens (2019) and Top Boy (2019-2022).

Big Boys Don’t Cry will be debuting at a special charity screening at Everyman cinema Chelmsford on Monday 5th September 2022, and will be available to stream on Netflix soon afterwards.

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